Download Snow Transformation Pack 1.5

The all new Snow Transformation Pack v1.5 released by winxsoft. Snow Transformation Pack will transform your computer's Windows 7 or Windows Vista user interface to look just like Mac OS X Snow Leopard.


Many users apply transformation packs to like the look and feel of other operating systems without changing their current os installation. For those that love MAC OS X but don’t wanna go through the process of switching from Windows, the all new Snow Transformation Pack (STP) for Windows Vista and Windows 7 is just customized for them. Its more than just a theme; it completely changes the look and feel of Windows, including the welcome screen, wallpapers, docking systems, icons, sounds, and the overall visual style. While the changes are complete, it is also reversible. You can also revert to the classic Windows appearance and style by simply uninstalling the pack from ‘Add/Remove Programs’.

If you try it out, its completely free - visit winxsoft