Happy New Year 2011 | Swayam Das

Guys, its the Year’s end but its neither an end nor a beginning. Its a new venture into the unknown. With all the wisdom that turn into experience. Let's get ready for something more intense. ;) For the year, 2011, I wish all my Readers, a year of prosperous growth. Happy New Year 2011.

Word Lens for iOS realtime language translator

Here's this iApplication that's been the talk of the iTown for quite sometime now. Its called Word Lens for iOS. Every so often an app comes along that makes you marvel at the ingenuity of the creators. Word Lens for iOS works on devices that have a camera (iPod Touch 4G and iPhone).

Blogger Winter Christmas Snowflakes Effect

This year a lot of websites, wordpress blogs are adopting the new style of integrating snowflakes in their site design. So, why we Blogger get left out? ;-) Today, I'm going to show you, how to shower snowflakes on your blogger blog or website. Let's get started. :-)  

Merry Christmas 2010 | Swayam Das


Merry Christmas to all my Friends and their Families. May this Christmas be a New beginning to the Joy that will knock your door in the coming year, 2011 :-)

Download Snow Transformation Pack 1.5

The all new Snow Transformation Pack v1.5 released by winxsoft. Snow Transformation Pack will transform your computer's Windows 7 or Windows Vista user interface to look just like Mac OS X Snow Leopard.