Nokia E7 business smartphone review

Nokia’s new business smartphone, the E7, is all set to rock the highly competitive Indian Mobile market. Nokia E7 is now in markets. Nokia E7 has been projected as the front-runner to both the E-series as well as the communicator series of business integrated smartphones. The E7 features the latest Symbian platform consisting of version 3 OS(much like the Nokia N8).

LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone iPad

LogMeIn helps you access your laptop screen from your iPad, using the keyboard and mouse. This comes in handy when you need to connect to your PC/laptop, and you have forgotten that critical file or maybe you just need to check on your downloads. LogMeIn Ignition Software supports all your remote access problems without a hitch. Before you buy this pricey application check the videos on their site to satisfy yourself.

OrangeNote Software Review

OrangeNote is a text-clipping manager for Windows and MAC operating system. The utility that comes with this software is that you can create and store a complete amount of unlimited number of ‘clippings’ in an indexed, tagged and searchable format.

DropBox iPad app review

DropBox is a new iPad application the lets you store data up to 2GB. It offers a sync to the iPad app and free account whenever you need.

dropbox app review

The additive advantage about DropBox is that you can even collaborate and share the files with your Friends and others who are involved in the project that you are working on.  In this teamwork DropBox automatically synchronizes with your team’s work edits once they’re done. Overall, DropBox is your personal file storage on the web.

Dropbox offers unique and secured features nowadays.

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