Rohos Mini Drive Review

Rohos Mini Drive is a free USB drive based utility software. Nowadays, USB Flash Drives are very useful  to carry around places but there's a great chance of losing it too, so this new USB drive software creates a new encrypted sector partition on the USB drive or pendrive. The user has the advantage of protecting this secure sector with the help of a password.  Rohos Mini Drive encrypts the user data automatically using AES 256 bit key length.Thus your backup is quite safe and secure.

SwiftKey Android Mobile Application

SwiftKey is an alternate android keyboard. It is a bit large and much more useable. This unique version of the Android keyboard includes a revolutionary text prediction option that doesn’t just predict the word you’re currently typing, but it uses a pre-set algorithm to guess the next word. It might not be a success with its first use cause it ‘learns’ how you write over time, and becomes more accurate in its future text prediction. You can give it a try for a month before you buy it.

Dell Inspiron M101z netbook review

Dell is hitting the Indian segment of netbooks pretty hard with its recent launch of the new Inspiron M101z. So let’s check out the features. M101z features a 11.6-inch widescreen LCD, ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4225 graphics card, AMD Athlon II Neo processor, 250GB hard drive, 2GB RAM, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi b/g/n, with pre-loaded Windows 7 Starter Edition.

National Geographic TV iOS

National Geographic TV for iOS is now the latest trend in the tech town. Now the Fans of the wildlife conservation channel, National Geographic, can get the latest updates about the show timings, video and photo updates, and lots more, directly from the channel. This application is currently being offered for free so it’s a must for the wildlife Fans.

Spideroak free online backup software

Since the advent of 2011, online backing services have started popping up in the tech horizon. This week, we see Spideroak coming as a free software program for online backup services, primarily aimed at MAC, Windows, and Linux. With this new Spideroak, you can backup your data online, nothing new for us though. It enables an automatic synchronization of data between different machines with different operating systems) or even sharing/accessing data from different other machines that the user owns.

Iomega Screenplay TV Link MX Review

HD media players are entering the global markets in a lot of variants. Out of the blue, the Screenplay TV Link MX is an affordable, HD media player that brings playback as well as upscale digital content all in one combo. It is enable to run the media stored on a hard disk or from USB Flash Drive. Connectivity seems simple enough, having both options of old vs new. For the latest, it connects to a TV through the HDMI port, and for the ones who have older CRT TVs the basic composite video connection is ready to serve them.

Flash Video Downloader download embedded flash video

With the increase in online streaming video options, eminent browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and, Opera users can easily save (download) YouTube video (and other streaming online videos from 200 other popular online video sites such as, Break, DailyMotion, Metacafe, and Spike) right onto their computer for later viewing.

LG E90 ultra slim LED Monitor Review

Recently, LG launched their E90 LED monitor in the global markets. As per its features, it is one of its kind in the slim LED genre. This E90 has an ultra-slim metallic design of just a mere 7.2mm. The panel size comprises of a 21.5 inches display with LG’s full HD resolution. That counts to 1920 x 1080, a quick 2ms response time, 250cd/m2 brightness  and multiple inputs including DVI, HDMI, and VGA.

Download Google Map Buddy Free

Google Map Buddy is not an official Google Software but the novelty value of this small program is quite great. The program enables you to generate a large satellite or a map view of any part of the world. Great isn't?

SMS popup app for android phones

Android phones alert you with a sound and a notification when you receive an SMS but then wouldn't it be great if a small and free application help you in integrating the message into a quick pop up? Well, here we have it. This new application is called SMS Popup.

Revo Uninstaller Review - Freeware Uninstaller for Windows

You could simply uninstall programs you don’t need using the standard Add/Remove Programs dialog from the Windows Control Panel. Whereas, Revo Uninstaller (Windows XP, Vista and 7) is specifically designed to hunt out all those errant files which clog up your system when a program is uninstalled. Revo also works for programs you can’t remove (either malicious ones, or those where the installation went wrong).

YikeBike | The world's first bike designed for quick urban transport

The YikeBike is the world’s first ultra lightweight, folding electric bike designed for quick urban transport. It is made largely from carbon fibre composite and it weighs around 10kg enabling it to be fold away in about 15 seconds.

Aardvark Review - Knowledge Sharing

Aardvark is the solution when you don’t know who to ask. It was established in the late 2007 by Max Ventilla, Nathan Stoll, Damon Horowitz, and Rob Spiro. Initially it was a startup company of a small scale size. Recently it has been acquired by Google in February 2010. The advantage is it allows the user to tap the collective knowledge of the online world in realtime. Ask Aardvark, a question and it will automatically (and quickly) connect you to someone who can answer.