Piriform CCleaner Software for Apple MAC OSX

Piriform Ccleaner Software for Apple MAC OSX is a utility software that keeps your Apple machine running smoothly. The all new CCleaner software from Piriform enables better system files management for Apple MAC OSX. Piriform has included advanced cleaning capabilities for Firefox Browsers cache, as well as Safari cache. Ccleaner utility software offers cleaning the system’s trash, recent documents/applications and temporary folder.

Piriform CCleaner Software Apple MAC OSX

As Apple’s MAC OSX file system is a bit different from that of the usual Microsoft Windows. Therefore, Piriform has integrated Ccleaner with advanced cleaning mechanism of Cookies, Internet History, Download History and even saved forms for Apple MAC OSX. The utility software first analyses your system and then displays details of the files to be removed. This helps in providing the user with added benefits of search and kill options.

Download : Piriform CCleaner Software for Apple MAC OSX