SwiftKey X Beta Android Keyboard App

SwiftKey X Beta is a free, alternate android keyboard app that is a revolutionary text prediction android app that replaces the default on-screen keyboard on Android mobile phones. SwiftKey offers options to choose your writing style for careful typing using predictive text or for fast typing with auto correct options.

SwiftKey not only predicts the word you’re currently typing but it uses a pre-set algorithm to guess the next word. Cool isn’t?

If you want read the previous version of SwiftKey X Beta then visit - SwiftKey Android Mobile App

SwiftKey X Beta Android Keyboard App

You can also assign alternate functionality to various android key setups. Features include choosing between a light and a dark theme or deciding whether you want arrow keys to be visible for navigation. The android application tracks and displays your usage statistics. This includes - number of keystrokes, efficiency, etc.

If you haven’t tried out SwiftKey X Beta yet, I suggest you try it out and you won’t ever revert back to your default android mobile keyboard.