Piriform CCleaner Software for Apple MAC OSX

Piriform Ccleaner Software for Apple MAC OSX is a utility software that keeps your Apple machine running smoothly. The all new CCleaner software from Piriform enables better system files management for Apple MAC OSX. Piriform has included advanced cleaning capabilities for Firefox Browsers cache, as well as Safari cache. Ccleaner utility software offers cleaning the system’s trash, recent documents/applications and temporary folder.

SwiftKey X Beta Android Keyboard App

SwiftKey X Beta is a free, alternate android keyboard app that is a revolutionary text prediction android app that replaces the default on-screen keyboard on Android mobile phones. SwiftKey offers options to choose your writing style for careful typing using predictive text or for fast typing with auto correct options.

SwiftKey not only predicts the word you’re currently typing but it uses a pre-set algorithm to guess the next word. Cool isn’t?

Menu Uninstaller Software for Windows

Normally, if we want to uninstall a particular program or software from Windows, we go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. This scenario changes if you install - Leizer Menu Uninstaller for Windows

Using  Menu Uninstaller you can get an Uninstall button in a contextual style as we press the secondary mouse button, usually the 'right click'. Check the screenshot below