HideIt for Microsoft Windows

HideIt for Windows is a cool program that lets you minimize the applications to your Windows System Tray. As you know, by default, Windows minimizes all applications to its Windows Taskbar and keeps grouping them if they are of the same kind. This scenario becomes a hassle when we run multiple applications, eventually running out of taskbar space. Using HideIt you can minimize applications to the system tray, just next to the Windows system clock. There is no prior installation required as HideIt runs as an executable file(‘.exe’ program ).

HideIt Screenshot for Microsoft Windows

 Double Click on the ‘HideIt.exe’ and once its running, right click on the minimize button in a window and select ‘HideIt’ and you’ll see the application minimizing to the system tray. You can again restore the application by double clicking on its icon or right clicking on the HideIt application’s icon to select a single application or managing all of them to be restored.

If your running Windows 7, you’ll get a clutter-free desktop, since Windows 7, because by default, keeps icons in the system tray hidden.