Rohos Mini Drive Review

Rohos Mini Drive is a free USB drive based utility software. Nowadays, USB Flash Drives are very useful  to carry around places but there's a great chance of losing it too, so this new USB drive software creates a new encrypted sector partition on the USB drive or pendrive. The user has the advantage of protecting this secure sector with the help of a password.  Rohos Mini Drive encrypts the user data automatically using AES 256 bit key length.Thus your backup is quite safe and secure.

Rohos Mini Drive Image

The advantage of AES 256 bit key is secure enough to distort hacking attempts on it. The software is divided into two editions. The first ofcourse, being the free Rohos free edition. Its limited to only a mere 2GB virtual disk size. You can also use it with larger space USB drives - 4GB, 8GB; The only difference that sets it apart from a paid one is that the encrypted sector partition is limited to 2GB.
Rohos Mini Drive has full featured functionality but as you know, every software's paid version offers a bit extra. Its the same with Rohos Mini Drive too.

The creators have changed the name of their full version software as 'Rohos Disk Encryption'. The price being capped at $35(for the full version).

You can access more details by visiting their website -