Spideroak free online backup software

Since the advent of 2011, online backing services have started popping up in the tech horizon. This week, we see Spideroak coming as a free software program for online backup services, primarily aimed at MAC, Windows, and Linux. With this new Spideroak, you can backup your data online, nothing new for us though. It enables an automatic synchronization of data between different machines with different operating systems) or even sharing/accessing data from different other machines that the user owns.

Spideroak free online backup

The software has a simple interface that allows you to set periodical backups easily.
The basic user account provides you with 2GB space that is free for a lifetime. If you find the service useful then you can purchase additional data storage by paying $10 per month for every 100GB additional online storage space.
Wanna give it a try? Then download Spideroak online backup service software from www.spideroak.com