YikeBike | The world's first bike designed for quick urban transport

The YikeBike is the world’s first ultra lightweight, folding electric bike designed for quick urban transport. It is made largely from carbon fibre composite and it weighs around 10kg enabling it to be fold away in about 15 seconds.


It runs on a battery which charges in about 40 minutes and provides a comfortable 10km range, up to a maximum speed of 23 kmph. Although it might feel a bit slow but according to the manufacturer, it is designed to be easy to manoeuvre. The seating position might appear odd as its through the ‘between the handlebars’. Furthermore, the person intending to ride it will have to be between the height of 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 4 inches. The YikeBike in its initial stages is available for an exorbitant $4,900 from YikeBike | Homepage , excluding shipping charges and duties. So if you are interested in taking a swing its a good alternative.