Aardvark Review - Knowledge Sharing

Aardvark is the solution when you don’t know who to ask. It was established in the late 2007 by Max Ventilla, Nathan Stoll, Damon Horowitz, and Rob Spiro. Initially it was a startup company of a small scale size. Recently it has been acquired by Google in February 2010. The advantage is it allows the user to tap the collective knowledge of the online world in realtime. Ask Aardvark, a question and it will automatically (and quickly) connect you to someone who can answer.

Aardvark homepage preview
No matter what the question, the system can help you out, as long as there is someone online willing to respond to you. Just go to www.vark.com and sign up. You’ll be prompted for topics and categories that you can answer queries on. Once registered, Aardvark will get added as a Friend on your Gtalk list. Just another small way to harness the power of World Wide Web.